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Bobbyglam Triple Wefted Hair Extensions in 'St Tropez' | 20-22" (180g) £89.99-£104.99* | 

A few weeks back, I was contacted by the lovely team over at Bobblyglam asking if I would like to try one of their triple wefted sets of hair extensions. Just recently, my hair has been behaving quite badly to say the least; it's shedding quite a bit due to being on and off medication, so clip-in hair extensions are something that I really could do with and I jumped at the chance to try a triple wefted set.  If you know me, you'll know I'm a massive fan of big, bouncy hair and lots of volume, so the fact that these hair extensions are super thick makes them perfect for me and what I would use them for.  This post will be quite lengthy (pardon the pun ;)) so I apologise in advance, but if you're new to extensions or fancy reading up on what Bobbyglam has to offer then grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a read.

| Colour & Choice |

After a great deal of umming and arring, I settled on the shade 'St Tropez'.  You will see from the photos in the tutorial section of this post that my hair is a multitude of shades and is light on the top sections, but quite mousey and dark underneath.  It is very much a backwards ombre... And the ends are darker than the very top of my hair.  This makes choosing colours rather difficult for me, as my hair is naturally blonde and I don't have any bleach in it - so getting a colour that's light enough without looking bleached often proves difficult.  St Tropez is the perfect shade, as it matches the lengths of my hair (which is where the extensions will sit and blend), yet also doesn't look mismatched compared to the top section. For reference, my hair is very similar to Lauren Pope's hair colour from The Only Way Is Essex - it's blonde, but with brown/toffee and caramel colours running through it and it looks almost brown underneath. 

Bobbyglam were very helpful helping with shade selection, and you can send a photo of your hair to them to be matched up by their team of experts.  I found the shade range available very good - for blondes or highlighted hair I know it can be a pain to get extensions to match, but they offer a good range of mixed shades and multi-tonal blondes so there should be something there for everyone. If I can find my perfect shade, then trust me, it will be a doddle for you! There is also a choice of length. I opted for the 20-22" simply because my hair is already quite long, but there is also the option of 16-18" for those of you with mid-length, shorter hair.

| Packaging |

The packaging really impressed me with this product.  If you're familiar with extensions then you will know the bog-standard way of packaging them.  Once opened, you're pretty much stuck with them even if they don't match your hair. I have definitely been there and got the 'gutted' tshirt when it comes to opening a shade that doesn't match - being stuck with a pack of hair you can't use and a purse that's one hell of a lot lighter in the process!  Bobbyglam have been very clever here and eliminated the problem.  The set comes with test weft - which is just as carefully packaged as the rest of the hair, but is separately contained in a little box so that you don't have to break into the pack and void any chance of return.  This is so useful - you can actually clip the hair weft into your hair and see very clearly whether or not they will match - something that proves quite difficult with other extensions I've had in the past. 

| Hair Quality & Wefts |

I've had my fair share of extensions so I know the difference between remy-hair and standard 'market' hair.  The hair is very delicately packaged in little hair nets, so there's no snagging or breakage when you remove them from the packet.   It's very soft and smooth, and the ends are as thick as the top of the wefts.  The amount of hair you get is also fabulous - the triple wefted sets provide you with 180g of hair - well above the weight of a lot of companies 'deluxe' weights, meaning you get one heck of a lot of hair for your money and with less clips.  I love the way the triple wefted sets are bonded together - making them only slightly thicker than a standard singular weft.  I really don't like thick wefts with a passion  I wear my hair pulled to the front, so big thick bands of hair running around the back of my head just look awful on me and other people seeing you're wearing extensions pretty much defeats the object for me.  Bobbyglam cleverly bond their wefts together (as shown in the photograph) so that they sit flat to your scalp.  In my pack, I received one 4 clip weft (middle of the head), two 3 clip wefts (back of the head, nape of the neck area) and four 2 clips wefts (sides of the head). This makes up the full set and it is completely up to you how many you wear at one time.  You can also choose between double wefted, triple wefted or QUAD wefted pieces (cripes, now that's volume for you!) amongst other hair-related goodies. It's also worth mentioning that Bobbyglam hair is ethically sourced.

| How To Apply |

Now then, I am by no means the world's most neatest apply-erer of extensions.  I've had them in the past and have very much taken on the approach of 'shove them in and go' - which surprisingly, has always worked for me.  I thought I'd show you the best and most efficient way to apply Bobbyglam extensions if you're new to them - after learning it this way you can experiment all you like! Also, I'd just like to point out, I'm aware my hair is in desperate need of a dye-sesh and that it looks less than perfected - but I haven't touched it since last summer as it's been quite temperamental the past few months and I want it in tip-top condition for this season. As you can see, the top is fine so there's no need for a panic. I quite like the boho vibe anyway and i've learnt to embrace the 'unpolished' look ;) 

Before | The top photo shows my hair naturally as it is. No extensions, no faffing around. Just my hair in it's natural state after blow drying.  As you can see, it's quite straight and I hardly ever have to crack out the straighteners. Ever. Make sure your hair is brushed through, smooth and ready for the application.  It's a good idea if you have thin hair to backcomb at the root slightly.  You might also need a sectioning clip or two and a tail comb (i had no sectioning clips handy so I grabbed my trusty claw-thing I use at night when I'm cleansing my face - anything grippy will do!)

1 | Begin at the back of the head, on the underneath sections of the hair and work upwards.  Starting at the nape of the neck, section a thin amount of hair and grip the rest of it up. 

2 | Grab one of the 3 clip wefts and attach to the section of hair you've just pulled down.

3 | Do the same again, and with your comb pull down another section (as evenly as possible) and settle over the weft you've just applied.

4 | Apply the second of the 3 clips wefts so it sits above the first one you've just applied. Try and get it as close to the previous one as possible as I find this gives the most seamless application.

5 | Repeat the same process for the 4 clip weft. This is the largest weft and so it should sit around the middle of your head. It should rest just behind the top of your ears when applied.

Halfway | The next photograph shows the hair as it would look with just the 3 wefts in.  To be honest, you could probably stop at this point if you just wanted a subtle effect.  I would be happy with this amount of hair on a day to day basis... but you know me and my volume.. if you want a good bit of 'wooomph', continue...

6 | Section off in a diagonal line the hair at the side of your head. I always make sure I don't section off too much, as the sides of my hair is where the extensions can tend to peek through. The diagonal line follows the shape of the head and I find this gives the best, most natural fit.

7 | Apply the first of the 2 clip wefts. It should sit above your ear, and move ever so slightly downwards towards to edge of the 4 clip weft you applied at the back of your head.

8 | Section off a teeny-tiny section of hair similar to the way you did at the back. Apply a 2 clip weft over the top of the first 2 clip weft (how many more times do I want to say the word 'weft' in this post?!)

9 |  Repeat this process on the opposite side of the head.  I applied both, but on a day to day basis I could probably get away with one weft on the right-hand side of my head.  I have a side parting so one side of my hair is thinner than the other.

After | You can see just how much volume the extensions added! I cannot even explain how they transform your hair and I was truly amazed. I usually hate wearing my hair straight, and was actually planning on curling my hair for this tutorial - but seeing the extensions applied has changed my mind about how I view my 'boring' straight hair as they add so much body and movement.  I might save curling them for a little while...

As you can see, the triple wefts add so much body and volume to what is usually flat, straight hair.  I couldn't believe how seamlessly they blended despite my cruddy-hair colour and dodgy multitones - you can also see from the back view that they are virtually undetectable.  The texture matches my hair perfectly, and they don't look overly shiny or false. The ends also look very full as they are cut slightly blunt - no rats tails over here! Yippee!  The triple wefts do feel heavier than your average extensions set, I can't sit here and tell you that they feel weightless - they don't.  But they don't feel uncomfortable at all.  As I've previously explained, I would wear the full set for a night out or special occasion, but on a day to day basis I would probably use half the amount of hair, meaning the weight is virtually no different to any other hair extensions - and the fact that there are less clips means there's less chance of you giving the game away. It also makes application very speedy.

Overall, I'm really impressed with Bobbyglam. I'm planning on curling them soon so that they blend in with my everyday hairstyle (you can view my tutorial for my curly hair here if you're interested) - I will try and post some sort of photograph or FOTD post once I've made them work for my waves.  To say they provide this much volume when straight leaves me to think that they will simply blow me away with the volume when I curl them! Cheryl Cole.. eat yer heart out ;)

Have you tried Bobbyglam extensions?
You can have a nosey at their website here.

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